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The Mexican Coahuila Factory
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UK: 07500 926816
Mexico: +52 (871) 729 2917
Torreón, Coahuila, México

What is Mayca?

Mayca is the incredibly delicious Mexican Goat's Milk Spread

Based on a recipe that has been passed down through several generations and made only from the best wholesome natural ingredients, Mayca is Mexico at its best. Established as a Limited Corporation since 1992 due mainly at the insistence of family and friends who on numerous occasions envisioned a broader market for this product than just its Coahuila boundaries.

After some years of just producing the Mayca product, the Mexican Coahuila Factory has now been creating other sweet products with a high standard quality based on a Northern Mexican Heritage but keeping always the same principles of using only natural and wholesome ingredients.

  • Made from 100% Pasteurized Goats Milk, raised in pastures in the Laguna Valley, in Coahuila, México.
  • Healthy Pure Wholesome Energy to get you started the right way.
  • 100% Pure Cane Sugar.
    • No hydrogenated oils.
    • No artificial growth hormones.
    • No trans-fat.